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Tiger symbolizes healing

and immune system


Keeps his eyes

always focused

on target..







Natalie Fillman MD
Research Administrator

Natalie accomplished her medical training at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. She started her training in research administration with us in 2017. 

Amy Luckett 
Regulatory Affairs Manager, CRSO 

Amy is indispesible, our outstanding regulatory officer making sure that our all protocols are updated and approved by IRB and FDA.  


Lindsay Basto RN BSN 
Clinical Reasearch

Lindsay has been leading clinical research related to islet transplantation since 2002. This year she was promoted to the position of the Clinical Research Manager to supervise execution of the research projects related to solid organ and islet transplantation  in our Transplant Institute.

Dr. Bachul accomplished his surgical training at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and initiated his research training in solid organ and islet transplantation at the University of Chicago in July 2017.

Karolina Golab PhD
Lab Manager

Pancreatic Islet and

T regulatory Cell Specialist 

As a scientist, Karolina has been leading our T regulatory cell ex vivo expansion project bringing us closer to the first clinical application. As a manager, she organize and supervise daily activity of the lab.

Ling-jia has been devoted expert in the clinical islet isolation and now is focused on preparation of our application for a Biological License to FDA. 

Martin Tibudan MS 
Transplant Research


Martin is indispensable making sure, we can smoothly carry out all our experiments. He oversights supplies, equipment and logistics related to the experiments. 


Christine Trotter 
Nurse Practitioner 

Christine takes care of the patients, when they are admitted to the hospital for transplant procedures. She directly communicates with patients, providing them comfort, minimize stress and pain as well as makes sure all tests related to their care as well as study protocols are carried out properly.

Amanda Burress 
Physician Assistant

Amanda plays the same role as Christine

 alternates being on call.  She also comforts patients when in the hospital, ordering necessary medications and tests, arranging consultation alleviating pain and stress. She constantly coordinates patient care when in the hospital.

Ling-jia Wang  MD PhD
Technical Director, 

Senior Project Manager, BLA

Islet Transplantation

Piotr Jerzy Bachul MD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jesus (Jesse) Rodrigez III, RN 
Organ Procurement Coordinator 
Richard Cummings RN 
Organ Procurement Coordinator 

Jesse, Rich and Karina, they are day and night-24/7,  constantly reviewing potential donor charts looking for optimal organs for our patients. They also coordinate transportation of the organs in the shortest possible time to our center, so they can be succesfully transplanted with the optimal outcome. 

As other members of the Transplant Team, the play a very important role in organ preparation and the outcome of the transplantation. 

Karina Tweed, RN  
Organ Procurement Coordinator 
Brenna Kane Pharm. D, 
Lisa Potter Pharm. D, 

Brenna is our pharmacist deeply involve in care of our kidney, pancreas and islet transplant patients. She makes sure they receive right medications in the right dose in the right time. She warns us about drug interactions and side effects. Adjusting properly medications is critical for well being of our patients chronically exposed to toxic anti-rejection medications. 

Lisa is our pharmacy leader with great experience in clinical research  involving testing new medication against placebo in setting of randomized studies. She is critical in preparation of the study medication, even if this means to come to hospital in the middle of the night or weekend when transplants usually happens. 

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