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Aug 10, 2018 

Our collaborators at Medical University of Gdansk in Poland  are ready for the first islet transplantation. 

Over the last few years, we trained members of the team from Medical University of Gdansk in pancreatic islet isolation and transplantation. See Training

INow, team  has finalized the preparation and performed a final mok islet transplantation with islet isolated in a new Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory- CellT.

New Clinical Cell Processing Laboratory- CellT, well islets are isolated. 

(This c GMP facility meets all requirements of  FDA and EMMA for  

Teresa przeniosla sie wraz z rodzina do Chicago who moved with family to Chicago from South of Poland years ago, received a kidney from her brother Marian, so

she was only one month on hemodialysis. Both are feeling great more then 5 years after the procedure; both are fully active professionally.

Dec 8, 2017 

Congratulation Dr Justyna Golebiewska for publication in

the American Journal of Transplantation (IF=6.165)

Congratulation Dr Justyna Golebiewska and the rest of our team on the acceptance of her manuscript " Comparative evaluation of simple indices using a single fasting blood sample to estimate beta cell function after islet transplantation" for publication in the American Journal of Transplantation.

Remaining authors: Solomina J, Thomas C, Kijek M, Bachul P, Basto L, Golab K, Wang LJ, Fillman N, Tibudan M, Cieply K, Philipson L, Dębska-Ślizień A, Millis JM, Fung J, Witkowski P.   ​

The work performed in our lab is a product of a very productive collaboration with the Medical University of Gdansk in Poland.  

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